Do you have trouble deciphering what is best for you?

______ ⚜️ ______

Is it hard to silence the noise of others opinions, suggestions and well meant advice?

______ ⚜️ ______

Are you often...

  • unsure about what you should be doing.

  • constantly second guessing yourself.

  • relying on external validation for guidance and direction.

  • overwhelmed with options.

  • feeling stressed, overstretched and tired.

What if I told you it was possible to fully trust yourself?

...and that decision making could be easy - even enjoyable!

Truth be told...

You are the expert on You.

Looking inwards to find this information can be overwhelming.

______ ⚜️ ______

This course is here to HELP You!

Putting you in the drivers seat by....

  • Empowering you with knowledge.

  • Equipping you with tools and techniques.

  • Supporting you on the journey to deeper understanding.

  • Giving you a straight forward process to follow.

What happens when you are NOT in the drivers seat...

  • More easily influenced by others who may have their own agenda and not necessarily your best interests at heart.

  • Can feel more vulnerable, sensitive and insecure.

  • Often feel more resentment and bitterness towards others and/or self.

  • Can lead to depression. As part of self is de-pressed and not having opportunity to be expressed.

Objective of this course:

To guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. Then to empower you will knowledge, tools and techniques so you can use that knowledge for your highest good.

What you will learn....

  • How to identify your values and what importance they play in your overall experience.

  • What important information is behind unpleasant emotions.

  • Your current communication style and how to assert yourself.

  • How to become emotionally mature by holding space for your own emotional experiences. Instead of being at the whim of emotions and getting tossed around.

  • Techniques to stay empowered in physical discomfort.

  • What measure you can put in place to protect yourself.

  • How to ask the right questions so you can uncover the most useful information when choosing practitioners to work with.

  • ...and more!

Your Instructor

Registered Counsellor

Loren Thompson

Hi! I am Loren Thompson, registered counsellor, mother and dedicated supporter of families worldwide. I am impassioned to empower individuals to find their inner meaning and to connect with what makes one feel most alive. To help reclaim parts of oneself that may have been lost or forgotten. I believe strongly and practice continued personal development and ongoing learning. My desire is to enrich the lives of all I come into contact with. Close to my heart is supporting mothers to be through the journey of pregnancy and into birth. My belief is that every women can have an empowering birth experience no matter the outcome or options taken. Starting out raising a child from an empowered place is the best way to parent and raise a young one. There are not just great benefits for Mom and baby but for partners and the wider family community. I long to see each women supported with knowledge, tools and techniques not just through pregnancy and birth but also through conception and post partum too. This course is an offering of my years of personal and professional development. I am honoured to share it with you.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Video.

    • A note from Loren.

    • Course Objective Outlined.

    • Course Overview and Tips.

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Module 1 - Discover Your Personal Values

    • Module Introduction.

    • Worksheet

    • Video Lesson Part 1

    • Video Lesson Part 2

    • Discussion Questions.

    • Exploring Values

    • Self Exploration Exercise.

    • Clarification Sheet.

    • Assessment Activity

  • 3

    Module 2 - Identifying Your Underlying Needs

    • Welcome Introduction

    • Module 2 Worksheet

    • Video Lesson Part 1

    • Video Lesson Part 2

    • Extra Resource: Needs Inventory

    • Feeling Inventory

    • Extra Resource : Signs and behaviours associated with feelings

    • Recommended Reading

  • 4

    Module 3 - Learn to Communicate Effectively

    • Welcome Introduction

    • Module 3 Worksheet

    • Video Lesson

    • Communication Styles Expanded

    • Assertive Communication

    • Online Assertiveness Test

    • Speaking from the " I "position & using "I" Statements

    • Setting Boundries

    • Tips For Healthy Boundries

  • 5

    Module 4 - What to do with Fears & Other Emotions

    • Welcome Introduction

    • Module 4 Worksheet

    • Video Lesson Part 1

    • Video Lesson Part 2

    • Thought Challenging Record

    • Feelings Inventory

    • Identify Signs and Behaviours that Point to Underlying Emotions

    • Emotion Assessment

    • Fight or Flight Response Explained

    • Alternatives to do when feeling worried

    • Deep Breathing Exercises

    • Neufeld's Five-Step Model of Emotional Maturation

    • How to use your breath to relax.

  • 6

    Module 5 - How to be Ok in Physical Discomfort

    • Welcome Introduction

    • Module 5 Worksheet

    • Video Lesson

    • What is Mindfulness

    • Relaxation Techniques

    • How Grounding Techniques Can Support You.

    • Deep Breathing

    • Brain Training Exercise

    • The Art of Now_ Six Steps to Living in the Moment

    • Mindfulness Meditation

  • 7

    Module 6 - How to Build Your Ideal Health Team & Support Network

    • Welcome Introduction

    • Worksheet.

    • Video Lesson

    • Health care provider check sheets and questionnaires.

  • 8

    Where to Now.

    • Congratulations.

    • Additional Resources and Continuing Education Options.

    • Your Final Thoughts

Hear what others have to say.

Truely Wonderful!

Deanna Letford - Second Trimester.

The 'How to mentally prepare for birth' online workshop held by Loren was truly wonderful. Loren has a powerful way of connecting with each person and her wealth of knowledge is evident through each Module. She focuses on key topics which will help you now and in the future, something I will be referencing for many years to come! The impact is long lasting and I couldn't be happier with the course. Highly recommend anyone preparing for birth to join in on the course!

I'm feeling more confident.

Claire Gray - Second Trimester

I attended the ‘How to Mentally Prepare for Birth’ workshop in my 6th month of pregnancy. I'm grateful for the experience because it has left me with many tools to practice over the coming months before my birth. The course helped me identify what's important to me, not only for the birth process, but also as I enter the next chapter as a mother. I'm feeling more confident in my ability to identify and voice my needs moving forward!

So much great Knowledge!

Sherry Jobani - Third Trimester

How to mentally prepare for birth is very beneficial for any pregnant women! So much great knowledge and practical tools and resources for you to be able to put it into action. Powerful way to feel supported during your pregnancy journey towards birth. Her course allows you to develop great techniques that can ease your pregnancy and labour experience. I highly recommend her course to anyone wanting to feel grounded and confident during this time!

Absolutely Essential.

Meena Natt - Birth Doula

Loren's course "How to Mentally Prepare for Birth" is absolutely essential to take if you are expecting a baby. It is not only important to learn how to physically prepare for birth but also how to MENTALLY prepare. Loren's course helps you achieve this and much more! I also highly recommend this course for any Woman who is even thinking of getting pregnant in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have chosen a specific birth option to take this course?

    Short answer No! This course is helpful in all birthing situations. As you go with each option so does all you learn and can be applied in ANY situation you might find yourself in.

  • How do I access the course if it falls outside the 365 days timeframe.

    Please email me directly at [email protected] and extensions can be applied.

  • Are you available to answer questions.

    Yes! If you have any questions during or after the course please feel free to reach out to me via email [email protected] and I will do my best to assist you.

More questions?

______ ⚜️ ______

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.